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Alp International is one of the largest traders of Coir products, stands for its high quality, reliability, effective services, flexibility and timely delivery.  We have won the goodwill of clients all over the world by providing high quality products with the use of up to date technology.


We trade various coir products like Coir fibers (both brown and White), which have wide range of applications in agriculture and horticulture. Coco peat (Briquettes and block), is excellent organic manure and soil conditioner for agricultural crops. Geo – Textiles, natural method to prevent soil erosion and mud slides. We provide them in different mesh sizes as per customer requirement. We provide high tensile strength twisted coir ropes and braided coir ropes.


We are the leading exporters of most attractive Coir door mats and carpets India. We also exports Coir pots and basket liners which are bio-degradable and eco-friendly.

We never compromise in quality and also ensures that all our products meets the customer requirements and International Standards with 100% quality assurance.

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Our Products

COIR FIBER (Brown & White)


Alp International avails fine quality of coir fibers for manufacturing various products like carpets, mats, brushes, upholstery stuffing etc. Coir Fiber which is really stiff and coarse is a resistant to salt water and remains unaffected by both fungal and bacterial decomposition. This makes it an ideal choice over the other fibers which would decay. These fibers have wide range of applications in agriculture and horticulture too. We offer both Brown and White fiber in different length based on the customer requirement

COCO PEAT (Blocks & Briquette)


Coir peat is proven excellent organic manure and soil conditioner applicable to agricultural crops and has excellent water holding capacity. 100% degradable and improves physical and biological condition of soil. Reduces frequency of irrigation, saves time and money. It is free from weed, seed and pathogens and widely used world in greenhouse applications.



Coir geo textile is totally naturally and innovative method to prevent soil erosion and mud slides in sloppy areas. It improves the soil behavior and help to consolidate the soil. These coir geo textiles last around 5 years and later on it degrade into humus which again enriches the soil. The product is manufactured using twisted yarns. Alp International avails coir Geo-textile to the customer with different mesh sizes.





Coir ropes are stronger and thicker than string, cord, line or twine constructed in a similar manner. They possess high tensile strength making them suitable for lifting and dragging even heavy items. Ropes are classified mainly into two- Twisted ropes and braided ropes. Braided ropes are again divided into single, double, hollow and solid braids.



We have wide range of coir door mats and carpets with Pvc/Rubberized /Latex coating which is made according to the customer’s wish for added durability. Our attractive door mats are also available in innumerable size, shape and color.  These products are eco-friendly, long lasting and are easy to maintain. Alp International provides you quality tested mats, carpets and rugs at affordable price.



Coir pots are biodegradable alternate to plastic pots which are made out of coconut husk fibers and bound together by natural latex as bonding agent. They can be used as temporary containers for future transplanting. When the plant is matured enough, the entire pot can be transplanted in the ground. So coir pot eliminates possible damage to roots in the process of planting directly in the ground. Because of the porous structure, it make easy to penetrate the roots in the ground. After the degradation process it adds extra compost to the soil.



Coir basket liners come from the long fibers of the inner husk of coconuts. These fibers mat together to form a durable and natural – looking liner for wire – framed planters. We are offering extensive range of coir basket liners with respect to client’s specification. We also provide hanger with the liner.

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